Viewfinder is an Addon that Helps provides Utility and Camera Related Tools. It Helps With Managing Cameras In Your Scene


Camera Preview

You can Preview Your Camera inside your Viewport Visually

Note: Cycles Render will not show in Camera Preview


If you Use Left Click Select, it Might Make Gizmo Unclickable, to fix this problem, Make Sure to Change Your

Preferences-> Keymap-> Activate Gizmo Event

Change it from “Drag” to “Press” to fix this problem

Camera List

List your camera in the side panel, simplify the process of managing multiple camera in the scene.


Camera List Buttons

With each Camera Item Listed, You can Do the Following. 


Camera Utility Operator

New Camera From View

You can Create New Camera From View which is a more Intuitive Way of Adding New Camera and Bind Camera to Timeline Marker at Current Frame When you Create The Camera

Camera Booth

Create A “Camera Booth” where it have Camera In Angles from Many Views

Can Be useful if you Want to Render For 2.5D Sprite Render, or if You want to Quickly Render Your Model From Multiple Angles. 


Markers From Selected Camera

Bind Camera to Timeline Markers and Increment their Frame on Selected Cameras

Other Features

Create Clamped Camera From Selected Curves

Create Camera on Curve and Apply Clamped to Constraint on the Selected Curves

Create Empty Target From Camera 

Create Empty Target for Selected Camera and Apply Track to or Damped Track Constraint. 

Create Camera And Empty Target 

Create Camera and A Empty with Track to Or Damped Track Constraint Applied. While You can do this manually easily, this could saves a few clicks,