Radiant is a Addon that helps manage your lights in your scene through the side panel. There are also a few other feature provided for lighting needs in Radiant

This Addon Only works for Blender 3.0 and Above, It will crash your blender if you use Raymesh in Blender 2.9x and below


Raymesh is Fake “Light Ray / Glow” that is Geometry and Shader Based, It Attempt to Emulate the Volumetric Look


Raymesh OnlyNo RaymeshWith Raymesh

It Produces Less Noise, Doesnt Flicker, and Works Best in Eevee, this can be useful for Stylized Lighting

Raymesh Variations

If the Raymesh use Light as Driver, it means the Custom Property in Raymesh Object is driven by Custom Property in the Light data

Point RaymeshSpot RaymeshArea Raymesh
Technical Information:

Raymesh Geometry is made using Geometry Nodes, and using Material Shader to Achieve the Glowly Looks

The Geometry and Shader is Driven by Custom Properties in the Raymesh Object's Custom Properties.

If the Raymesh use Light as Driver, it means the Custom Property in Raymesh Object is driven by Custom Property in the Light data


While it is Compatible with Cycles, because it heavily relies on transparency to work, it might not look as good in cycles, and you might need to increase your transparent light bounce for it to work, which could increase in render time

Light Panel

List the Light in Your Scene to the Side Panel and access multiple light at once. It gives you a Filterable Overview of the Light in Your Scene.


Why Not Outliner?

Outliner can be cluttered sometimes, especially on more complex scene, this Panel helps you focus on the Light and filter out other object types.

Light Panel Buttons

With each Light Listed, there are some operation you can do to each lights


You Can Turn the Buttons / Icons you want on or off under the Icon Expose Subpanel,

Below Example of All the Icons Turned On


Most of the Icon are Turned Off by default

Buttons / IconsDefaultDescription
Pin LightOffPin the light so that it always stays in list
Solo LightOffHide All Light Except this (Shift Click to Unhide Lights)
Select LightOnSelect the Light (Shift Click to Select Multiple)
Find LightOnFind and Frame your camera to the Light
Move LightOffActivate Move Operator on this Light
Rotate LightOffActive Trackball / Rotate Operator on this Light
Aim LightOffAim the Light to Object, Selected Objects, or Cursor
NameAlways OnName of the Light
TagsOffTags of the Light to be use for filtering
Light TypeOffSet the Type of the Light
Light ColorOffSet the Color of the Light
Disable / Lock SelectionOffMake Light Unselectable
Hide ChildrenOnHide The Lights Children, Useful for Hiding Raymesh (Only Show if Light Have Children)
Hide ViewportOnHide The Lights Children, Useful for Hiding Raymesh (Only Show if Light Have Children)
Hide RenderOnDisable Render for this Light
Duplicate LightOffDuplicate This Light and Active Move Operator
Remove LightOnRemove this Light

Light Properties

For Each light in the Panel, You can Expand And Edit the Light’s Properties, Such as Power, Shadow Soft Size, Factor, and more


Light Temperature

Control Light Color Using Kelvin Temperature

The Temperature only changes the color on the Light when you drag the slider, Which means it will not work if you Keyframe the Temperature

This Does not Use the Blackbody Node but Instead Setting the Light Color Directly

Light Tags & List Filter

You Can Tag the Light so that You can Filter Them

Light Tags

Light Tag is something you can add to a light to be used in the List Filter, Useful for Categorizing Your Lights

Light List Filter

AllList All the Lights In the Scene
SelectedList Only Selected Lights
ActiveShow Only Active Light
CollectionShow Light in Collection
TagsFilter Light by Tags
PinnedOnly Show Pinned Lights
TypeFilter Light Base on the Type of the Lights

Radiant Tools

Some More Minor tools that can be useful in some situation


Create Mesh From Area Lights

Create Mesh Plane From Area Light, Useful if you want to have a Emission Plane for your Area Lights

Add Shadow Catcher

Add A Premade Shadow Catcher Plane from Shift-A Add Panel

If the Shadow Catcher Appears Black in Eevee, Try Increase the Strength of your Lights

Add Volume Cube

Add A Simple Premade Cube with Principled Volume Node Material Applied

This is an Extremely Simple Setup, this feature is just here to save a few clicks